Masters Student Spotlight: Thomas Hoshizaki, HBK

By: Chantale Aquin

“There is no written script when it comes to success; you have to blaze your own path”. These are the words from 1st year Kinesiology Masters student, Thomas Hoshizaki. A strong passion for Biomechanics has lead him to specialize in the subject for his Master’s degree at Brock University.

Born in Montreal and raised in Ottawa, Hoshizaki has been exposed to Biomechanics his entire life.  He credits his father, who has a PhD and teaches Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, for igniting his passion and interest for the subject from an early age. Growing up, Hoshizaki recounts not being the ‘smart’ kid in school, but his friends and family describe him as insightful about the world around him. This insight allowed him to think outside of the box, especially when it comes to Biomechanics.

Hoshizaki completed his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. From there, he left to pursue a Master’s degree in Kinesiology at Brock University, working as the only current Masters student under Dr. David Gabriel, a leading expert in applying measurement to movement kinetics. Hoshizaki decided to work with Dr. Gabriel to gain a deeper understanding of Biomechanics and to better apply Biomechanics to his own research interests. Hoshizaki describes his time with Dr. Gabriel as, “a huge growth experience” that he enjoys, respects and appreciates. Thinking back to his first year of undergrad, Hoshizaki remembers an email he received from his father that read, “treat every day like a learning experience”. He has since held this close to him, and is truly treating every day of his Masters as a learning experience.

What exactly is Thomas Hoshizaki researching during his Masters? Due to current research and the competitive nature of his field, he could not give the exact details, however he is allowed to share that he is evaluating electromyography through kinetic application. More specifically, motor units and the electronegativity of muscle through contractions.

When asked if there was anything he wishes he would have known during his undergrad, Hoshizaki shared that he wishes he knew how to be better prepared for the challenges and change in environment that comes with post-secondary school. His advice to current undergraduate students is to broaden your opportunities – reach out of your comfort. Always remember that there is a huge world beyond academics – the knowledge of human kinetics is valuable to many companies. What are Thomas Hoshizaki’s personal words that he lives by? “In everything you do, no matter how discouraged you feel – just keep showing up”.

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